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Az otthonmaradt helyett..


…csinaltam egy ujabb RAW-karikat,ugyhogy Hugi,megtarthatod azt,ami veletlenul Nalad maradt 😀 Zsuzsi brillians mintajat koppintva!

I think,I’ve mentioned before,that my little Sis borrowed my Earring “forever”,so I made another one of These. I love this Pattern,I’m gonna be thankful to Zsuzsi for all my Life! Sis, You can keep that RAW-ring now 😀



Ujabb RAW Zsuzsi fulbevaloja utan.Azt hiszem,hogy meg a haromszoget nem probaltam,de ugy erzem,az sem varat majd sokaig magara. A kor alaku RAW fulbevaloimat ovatlanul a hugom kollegiumaban hagytam,es most,amikor utaztam vissza Amerikaba,es o kikisert,meglattam a fuleben. Termeszetesen ott is maradt…. 😀

Another Earring after the brilliant Idea of Zsuzsi.It’s pretty easy and I love it! I think,the Triangle is the only Shape I didn’t try yet. I left the  Circle-shaped Earrings in Hungary, in the dorm of my Sis. Now,when I was coming back to America,I met her on the Train Station and saw the Circles in her Ears. They stayed there,of course…